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Poles have long been known for their hospitality. Guests visiting the palaces of the magnates and the manors of the noblemen were always treated to delicious food and excellent drinks.

In the old times of Rzeczypospolita Szlachecka (Noblemen's Commonwealth) there were many liquors popular among the Polish people. The most prized ones, however were home-distilled herb and fruit vodkas - Nalevkas (Polish: Nalewka). Produced from "aqua vita", according to secret recipies closely guarded by the families of noblemen and magnates, they were the best addition to the welcoming table.

Nalevka is a traditional Polish herb and fruit vodka. It is made according to the ancient recipes. Fruit of the most noble variety, organically cultivated in small country orchards are integrated with the best varieties of spirit. Nalewka is 100% hand-produced, with no preservatives, taste enhancers, artificial colourings and chemical substances whatsoever. The taste of Nalewka is naturally enriched with aromatic spices, such as fresh juniper fruit, raisins, vanilla, cinnamon sticks, almonds, cloves, honeycombs, orange and lemon peel, fresh ginger, oak bark, the inside of the walnut shell, fresh fir shoots. Nalewka first matures in the sun, which extracts from the fruit the full bouquet of the most exquisite aromas and tastes. Once the Nalewka has fully developed, it is filtered and bottled. Different types of the Nalewkas are produced in limited series.

One of the finest is... Count Pułaski Nalevka.