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Named after the Father of US Cavalry and the hero of Poland and America's revolutionary wars, Count Pułaski Nalevka is meticulously 100% hand-crafted in small batches using ancient Polish techniques and recipes passed down father to son since XV century.

Count Pułaski Nalevka is made with the best varieties of spirits and carefully selected organically cultivated fruit and herbs hand-picked in orchards of the Mazovia region, the birthplace of Count Pułaski. As a result the 30% alc. Count Pulaski Nalevka is one of the best nalevkas available.

According to some accounts, Count Pułaski brought first Polish nalevkas with him to America in 1777.

Count Pułaski Nalevka is the first genuine nalevka, reintroduced and available in the US market since the 18th century.


Count Pulaski Nalevka
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